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Water Features

Enhance your Poolside Experience with Sundance Custom Pools TN.

Imagine a tranquil pool waterfall or an elegant swimming pool fountain as part of your outdoor sanctuary Knoxville and the surrounding counties. Let Sundance Custom Pools add excitement and the sound of nature with water features that bring movement, interest and drama to your pool area. Enchanting pool fountains, pool waterfalls, bubblers, alluring pool statuaries, and impressive laminar water jets make evening entertaining even more special. For quiet, relaxing mornings outside, water features lend the sound of silence, helping to drown out unwanted noise and adding a richness that lets you enjoy your pool without stepping into the water itself.
The creative possibilities are endless, and our  designer looks forward to exploring these other water feature ideas with you:

  • Planter waterfalls
  • Cozy grottos with trickling streams
  • Sheer descent or sheet fountains
  • Swimming pool lagoons
  • Opulent brass or copper firebowls

As we handpick the unique stones and boulders for your poolside waterfalls, spillways, and lagoon pools swimming pool fountains, we’ll capture the true personality of your outdoor pool area. With a custom water feature, we’re careful to consider elements such as an area’s exposure to high winds, the volume of water required to operate a large feature such as a waterfall, and the source of water for your feature, whether an independent or shared system with your swimming pool.