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Pool Resources

Welcome to Sundance Custom Pools TN online pool resource page. Here you can find the answer to our client’s most frequently asked pool questions. If you can’t find what you need, call us or just click on the Sundance Custom Pools TN and send us your question in the form provided. We will get back to you with an answer to your question. Select a troubleshooting category:

  • Pump
  • Filter
  • Leak
  • Spa
  • Cleaner
  • Light
  • Pump Troubleshooting

Q: My pump will not prime?

Q: Why does my pump loose it's prime? And why is the pump motor so noisy?

Why does my pump motor hum, but it will not start?

Q: The pump motor will not start after shutdown. What could it be?

Filter Troubleshooting

Q: Why is the filter pressure excessively high, but the pool circulation is slow?

Q: Why is the filter pressure excessively high but the circulation is normal

Q: The filter pressure is normal or high but there is no pool circulation?

Q: There is low or no filter pressure and no pool circulation?

Q: The DE siphons to pool when the system is off?

Q: Why is the filter leaking water out of the backwash line?

Q: The filter backwash level is difficult to move?

Leak Troubleshooting

Q: Why do I have leaks at the pump?

Q: I have a leak at the filter?

Q: I have a leak at the heater?

Q: Why are there air bubbles coming through the returns?

Spa Troubleshooting

Q: The spa drains when pool is in normal mode (on vs. off)

Q: Why does the spa drain when the pool is in spa mode?)

Q: The heater won't come on but the motor is running?)

Q: Why is the heater cycling excessively?

Q: The heater will not heat to the desired temperature?

Q: The spa blower will not operate?

Cleaner Troubleshooting

Q: The pool cleaner is sluggish?

Q: Why is the pool cleaner not moving?

Q: The pool cleaner is not cleaning properly?

Q: Why is the pool cleaner's hose so tangled?

Light Troubleshooting

Q: Why does the light not work?